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Location: Nevada Country: United States
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Job Description

Job Description and Responsibilities:
1)      Overall management of all aspects for IBC Recon Services Operations. Currently both Portland and Rialto locations with possible additional ones in the future
2)      Federal, State, Local Regulatory Compliance
3)      Management/HR of all plant employees
4)      All quarterly and yearly production and growth goals
5)      Sourcing/Purchasing/Maintenance of all equipment as required
6)      Working in production/cleaning/logistics of products
7)      Other responsibilities as assigned
8)   EPA, DEQ, OSHA, DOT or other industry specific regulatory requirements 
9)   Reports directly to the President 
10) Stay update with any industry specific new technologies or best practices 
11) Direct reports would be Plant Managers at the two locations 
12) They could live near Portland plant or Rialto plant, but need to be close to at least one of them.